7 Simple Tricks to Increase Page Speed Dramatically

Even you choose the best blogging platform and create great content, that can’t rank you on the first page. When it comes to first-page ranking in Google Search, Page Speed plays the prominent role.

All search engines give a better ranking to fast loading sites. Page Load Speed is one of the algorithms Google looks while ranking the site in their search result. So, you have to perform website speed test right now.

I use Pingdom for site speed test, you can use it also. Though this is the best tool, you can also use PageSpeed Insight from Google or GTmetrix

When you perform a web page speed test, you will get detail insights. Based on these insights, you can make corrections to improve the loading speed of the page.

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While site test result shows most technical terms as like, minify CSS, Leverage browser caching, Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript etc. These terms are somewhat difficult to understand by newbie bloggers.

That is why I included very simple tricks here which will improve your page loading speed. Fast loading page will improve your SEO ranking hence you can pull tons of free traffic.

So, Here Are The Simple Tricks  to Improve Page Speed

At an early stage of blogging, we are not sure about the success of a blog hence we choose free hosting. This is totally wrong, rather you should go for Shared Hosting. There are very best hosting services available at a very cheap rate.

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As a fact, money matters most of us hence we hesitant to invest in web hosting. I suggest you invest a little money in hosting & see the difference in loading speed. Professional hosting services keep your site up & running all the time.

When you investigate the facts of a good host, you will be happy to invest in. Before you buy or migrate to any hosting, just go through this article,

Once you started getting some decent traffic, you can go for VPS, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting etc. (Options are Unlimited)

So, here I suggest, efficient web hosting as like MilesWeb. (Check it out)

A right theme will load your site faster while poorly coded theme takes too much time to load. The slow loading site gives poor visitors experience, effects on SEO & decrease in traffic.

While selecting the theme for your blog keep these features in mind, social sharing, custom widgets, search bar etc.

Your recent theme may be one of the reasons for slow page speed hence I suggest you to choose lightweight, responsive & SEO friendly WordPress Theme. Don’t use a free theme for the lifetime.

Many times I observed, a new WordPress Blogger use the free theme with plenty of plugins. Indeed, WordPress Plugins adds many functionalities but increases load time also. So, you have to be very careful while selecting the plugins.

Poorly coded and outdated plugins are of no use. Avoid non-updated & fewer installed plugins.

I am also a big fan of plugins but when it comes to page load speed, I uninstalled many from my blog.

P3 Profiler plugin will scan all of your WordPress plugins & give you a report. So, you are now in a position to uninstall unnecessary plugins.

Images in the blog post if not optimized, put tremendous pressure on hosting server. When your server busy loading images, overall page downloading time increase. To avoid slow page loading, images must be optimized before inserting into an article.

Plenty of WordPress Plugins out there to optimize images. for your ready reference, I have listed down  best image compression plugins in this article,

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Images can optimize manually also, How? read this article,

How to optimize images manually & improve page loading speed

It is a better idea to use BJ Lazy Load Plugin which will load images when the reader reaches nearby image.

  • Optimize Database to Improve Page Speed

You may feel database is a technical term & hard to handle but this is not so. When we create an article or update some of the published articles, database store it’s revisions also.

You can make your website much faster by regularly cleaning up your database. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions is the plugin I am using to optimize my database.

This is an often ignored but very powerful way to boost page speed; especially effective if you use WordPress.

  • Use Cache Plugin

As mentioned earlier, when you test your site for speed, you may get one section to improve; browser caching. Enabling caching for your website can boost its page speed significantly.

Caching ensures a much faster experience to users by storing a version of your website on their browser.

There are different ways to enable website caching. Since I am assuming, you are not technically sound & using WordPress, I suggest you use the W3 Total Cache plugin.

This is easy to use & most effective WordPress cache plugin but not compatible with some of the Google AdSense Plugins. Hence, I shifted to Autoptimize.

Autoptimize can aggregate, minify and cache scripts and styles, injects CSS in the page head by default. It also minifies the HTML code itself, making your page really lightweight.

  • Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) works by providing alternative server nodes for users for downloading resources.

The bloggers, who are serious to provide best quality experience to their readers, must have to use Content Delivery Network. With CDN you will provide faster website experience.

CDN reduces latency to provide a faster loading of a website. It also prevents site crashes in the event of traffic surges. So, I assume, you might get my suggestion to use CDN.

CDN requires some investment for users but thanks to CloudFlare, who starts with $0/month for personal websites & blogs. If you need more, you can always upgrade to a higher tier plan.

I personally use CloudFlare Plugin because it is easy to set up. Just Sign-Up at Cloudflare.com & get API Key to start functioning the plugin. This is also needed to support all the features offered by the plugin.

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 In Conclusion,

I personally implemented all the above tricks to improve page speed & got the fantastic results. So, you are too. I am not a big SEO Guru as like Neil Patel but I deeply feel, implementing above listed tricks will increase your page speed dramatically.

Implement these tricks, test your website & tell me by commenting, what difference you observed.

Let me know, your technic to boost up page speed, so, I can also implement & get benefited.

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