How to Stop Spam Comments Automatically in WordPress

You might know, commenting on do follow & relevant blog is the best practice to get Quality Backlinks to your blog. Though you apply this trick honestly, not everyone will do. Spammers always try to get backlinks by leaving spam comments on plenty of blogs. Spam comments are always a big headache of all bloggers. So, how to stop spam comments is a big issue for all size bloggers especially newbie bloggers.

Once your website starts getting some decent traffic, Spammers starts their work with automated spambots. Spam comments not only annoy your readers but also affects your overall SEO Strategy. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to completely stop spam.

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WordPress is a most popular blogging platform and a popular target of spammers also. Maybe due to simple comment form by default which is easy to leave the comment. Above all, it allows users to leave their URL as a breadcrumb for viewers to click.

Comments become a serious issue when you get thousands of spam comments every day.  A genuine comment is fairly easy to spot, as it is personable, relevant to article content, add value to the blog post. Sometimes it is hard to decide which one is real and which one is spam.

So, How to Identify Spam Comment?

  • They are too helpful.
    • Spammers try to tell you, what’s going wrong with your blog, as like, web browser having a compatibility issue, not ranking well enough in Search Engine Results etc.
  • They flatter with you.
    • Be aware of the comments which tell you, they are the big fan of your writing style, every day they read your blog post, bookmarked etc.
  • They try to promote their product only.
    • These types of comments are full with product specification & price range only. Sales promotion comments can be easily identified by newbie bloggers also.
  • Does the comment make sense in the context of your blog topic?
    • If not, don’t hesitate to mark it spam.
  • Look out for comments containing phrases like
    • Great blog post, Nice article, Thank you very much for sharing wonderful information etc.

Above are some of the examples only. Spammers are smart enough than me & you. So, will you like to surrender to these big foolish fellows called spammer? I will definitely not, and you also shouldn’t be.

To stop spam, you can use Anti-Spam Plugin or you can do it manually also, WordPress has both options. Here, in this article, I will introduce you with some of the best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins.

So, Here We Start to Stop Spam Comments With Best WordPress Plugins

Akismet WordPress Plugin, Stop Spam, WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin

Akismet is an advanced hosting anti-spam service that is shipped free with every WordPress installation. It takes the pain out of managing comment spam. Akismet ensures that spam doesn’t mess with your search engine rankings so you will get more time to connect with your readers.

Akismet is one of the most valuable plugins for WordPress. Without this, controlling spam comments is a nightmare.

You’ll need an API key to use it. Getting key is not a complicated job & it is also free for a personal blog. The configuration of Akismet is very simple. Just to put your API key & select “Always put spam in the Spam folder for review”. Click on Save Changes & all done to stop spam comments.

So, my first recommendation is saying goodbye to comment spam by activating Akismet. It takes out all my pain of comment moderation.

Antispam Bee WordPress Plugin, Stop Spam

With 200,000+ Active Installs & regular update, Antispam Bee is the another best alternative to Akismet. This plugin stops spam comments & trackbacks so effectively, you will love to install it.

Antispam Bee is a totally free of charge plugin for all types of bloggers. Above this, they don’t require any API Key or registration for usages.

You will find spam statistics, daily updates of spam detection rate and a total of blocked spam comments on your WordPress Dashboard.

With Antispam Bee plugin, you have a choice to block or allow comments from certain countries & languages. This cool feature, I thought, is the best option in controlling spam comments.

WP SpamShield Anti Spam WordPress Plugin, Stop Spam

An exceptionally powerful and user-friendly WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates any type of WordPress spam. So, It works like a firewall of your blog.

This plugin works silently in the background, and simply makes WordPress spam disappear. This anti-spam plugin provides two-layer spam protection to your site but without hindering legitimate comments.

WP-SpamShield improves the user-friendliness of your site, thus you will get improved Readership & with an improved readership, you can make money online.

This powerful anti-spam plugin has the ability to protect most forms on your WordPress site from automated spam. The plugin also includes powerful protection from user registration spam.

WP-SpamShield helps keep your database slimmer and more efficient, thus it helps keep your site running faster. A faster loading site is one of the criteria of getting Higher SERPs.

If website performance is important to you, then you definitely want WP-SpamShield.

Anti-spam WordPress Plugin, Stop Spam

With one million active installations and a Pro Version for better Spam Blocking, I think, an Anti-spam plugin is a better choice to stop spam comments.

The anti-spam plugin works with disabled JavaScript. Mostly all devices enabled JavaScript So, 100% automated spam blocking can be achieved.

It is hard to identify Manual Spam Comments, but Anti-spam Pro version has the ability to block manual spam also.

SI Captcha Anti Spam WordPress Plugin, Stop Spam

If you don’t bother adding Captcha to stop spam comments, this plugin is perfect for you. SI Captcha anti-Spam plugin adds Secure Image CAPTCHA to almost everywhere on your site.

Captcha Image prevents spam from automated bots & adds security to your WordPress Site. This plugin is compatible with Akismet & Multisite Network also.

This plugin provides you optional setting to hide the Comments CAPTCHA from logged in users. So, you can disable any of the forms you don’t want CAPTCHA on.

If you don’t like image captcha and code entry, you can uninstall this plugin and try new plugin Fast Secure reCAPTCHA

In Conclusion

WordPress is the best blogging platform for Bloggers & Spammers also. Spammers always in try to spam you, whereas you must be prepared to stop spam. To stop spam in any form on your site, you have a choice to select Best Anti-Spam Plugin, else you can control spam manually also.

If you are new to WordPress Blogging, Akismet is the best choice. Whereas experienced blogger can control spam by making some changes in Setting from Dashboard.

Listed above plugins will give you a peace of mind and keep your site safe from spammers. Depending upon your requirement, you can always try some more plugins.

Over to you

Let me know your method of combating spam so, I can try it also. Are you using any of the above-listed plugin & what is your experience? Which is your Best Anti-Spam Plugin? put your thoughts by commenting

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