How to Find Eye Catching Free Images Using Google Image Search to Eliminate the Risk of Losing Readers Engagement

(Last Updated On: 28/08/2017)

We all know images will make the blog post more impressive and engage readers. But creating the custom image is a little bit difficult for the new blogger. So, what we do, we go to and enter the keyword and then click on an image. When search result appears, most of the newbie bloggers download those images and use it on their blog. This is illegal. Here, you should know, How to Find Free Images from Google Search.

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Before going further, just give a look what Official Google Blog wrote about Free Images.

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To avoid the notice of copyright infringement, a good idea is to find royalty free images and use in a blog post. Google Image Search is a very helpful tool for any blogger to find free images for their blog. In this tutorial, I will explain the complete process.

How to Find Eye Catching Free Images Using Google Image Search

Go to Google Image Search and type your keyword to find an image. For example, I am using “how to make money blogging“. The search page looks like below,

free images

Don’t use the image directly as these images may be copyrighted. From here you should refine your search.  First of all, you have to click on “Tools” then click on “Usages Right”. See the below image for better understanding,

free images

Here you will see the options about uses of images. You can choose any option according to your need and skill (Except not filtered by license). You can modify the image if you can or you can use “Labeled for reuse” option directly. I always prefer Labeled for reuse option as these images are almost Royalty Free Images.

If you are expert in Paint or Photoshop or as like other tools, then do the modification in images and use in your blog post. It will show your creativity and some smart work.

How to Refine Image Search for Better Result

Again refine your search for sizes of the image. According to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective, images took more time to load than text hence your page load speed will decrease.See the below image for better understanding,

free images

Here you will see the options about sizes of image. The best way, click on “Larger than” and you will get the sizes 400×300 Px, 640×480 Px, 800×600 Px and much more. If you click on “Exactly” option, then you can select Custom Size Image.

In my opinion, 640×480 Px is the best image size to select for a blog post. At this size, you don’t have to compress image very much and quality of the image will also be better.

You can refine your image search for color also. Just click on “color” option and select whichever color you like.See the below image for better understanding,

free images

Click on every option to check, what is most suitable for you. In addition, you can refine your royalty free image search for “Type of the Image”. Click on “Type” and you will get these options, Face, Photo, Clip Art, Animation and Line Drawing. choose, what you think most attractive.

If you are Unhappy with Image Search, go for the custom image. You can use online sites like Canva. Canva is the best image creation tool, especially for non-designers, to create custom images. Another great tool to design custom images is PicMonkey.

As you can see from the steps above, it’s really easy to find free images to use in your blog post. If you still have any query, don’t hesitate to ask me via comments.

In Conclusion: Finding royalty free images is not a big task, you just have to search proper way.

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