Fed Up With Spam Comments, Try This, You Will Never Disappointed

Spam Comments are a big headache for growing WordPress Blog. But the good news is, you can block WordPress Spam Comments just by making some simple changes in setting. Keep in mind, some comments are good also.

Genuine comments add value to your blog post while spam comments give an ugly users experience. Too many comments, whether it is good or bad takes much more time to load. Hence your page loading speed will decrease, it will affect on search engine ranking & overall performance of the site.

In WordPress, comments can be controlled by two methods. One is by making some changes in Setting and another one is by using plugins. So, which are the best plugins you should use?

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spam, stop spam

Sometimes, it is very hard to identify bad comments because it looks like a real one. I will suggest you unapproved that comments which don’t add any value to your blog post. But if you follow below steps, you will save your plenty of time for content creation and blog promotion.

So, Here are the Settings to Stop Spam Comments in WordPress Blog

  • Default article settings

Log in to WordPress Administration Panel with your Username & Password. At the left side, you will see Dashboard. Scroll down to see Setting, Click on Setting, you can see different options as like, General, Reading, Writing, Discussion etc. Click on Discussion, Below screenshot will appear in front of you.

spamWhen you click the box “Allow people to post comments on new articles” then only people can comment on your article. Left Unchecked, this will switch off comments in WordPress. But this is a bad idea, you should allow people to comment.

The second option you see is “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles”. Pingbacks and Trackbacks are useless but often used by spammers. So, don’t click on this box.

Click on “Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article”. Your Default Article Setting should be like below,


  • Other comment settings

Now you have to complete further setting, In Other Comment Settings Section, You have to click on,

  1. Comment author must fill out name and email

So, Your Setting Screen Will Look Like Below,


You can set “Automatically Close Comment” for any number of days. Say, 140 days, 240 days, or 340 days or any number of days which you feel suitable to control Spam Comments.

When you set “Break Comments” to a minimum number, you can increase your page loading speed also.

  • Email me whenever

Click on the both boxes in “Email me whenever” section. So, your setting will look like below screen,


with this setting, you can select the comments for manual approval. You can mark up the Spam Comments whichever you feel.

Always keep in mind, the comments which don’t add any value to your blog post or don’t start any discussion, don’t hesitate to mark as Spam & Delete it also. This way you can keep your database clean & put less pressure on your best web hosting server.

  • Before a comment appears

You will have better control on comments with below screenshot setting,


When you keep this setting in your WordPress Blog, You can judge the comments for spam or genuine.

  • Comment Blacklist

You can mark the comment as a Spam when a comment contains any of your selected words in its content, name, URL, email, or IP. You can select the words from the blacklist.txt file. Select the word which you don’t like to see in comments & paste it in “Comment Blacklist” box.

Click on “Save Changes” to save all the Settings.

In Conclusion,

Spammers are not personally against you, they just want more backlinks. You are not the only one, many bloggers facing spam comment issue, including me, in my early days of blogging.

As mentioned earlier, you can use anti-spam comment WordPress plugin also. If you make changes as listed above & use Akismet plugin, you will never be fed up with spam comments.

Let me know, your methods of controlling comments. Leave your methods in comments.

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