Don’t Buy Web Hosting Unless You Investigate These Facts

Choosing the best web hosting company plays a major role in your online success. So, you should be always careful about your host. There are so many companies offering you cheap hosting plans. This creates confusion for new bloggers.

Depending on your need, there are many options available. Here at the beginning, I would like you to suggest not to go for any Free Web Hosting. How lucrative free plan is, don’t go for it, if you want to be a successful professional blogger.

Paid web hosting is always a good choice, though it costs you some bucks. From an early stage of my blogging journey, I opted for Paid Hosting. I prefer to go for MilesWeb for my blog but can find another good host from here,

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A Bad Web Host will ruin all your Hard Work & Money. Ultimately you will lose your SEO Ranking which is not good as an online authority in the long run. You must have great web hosts who will help you grow big.

You have to investigate some of the factors before settling down to any affordable web hosting services. So, to get you more time for article creation or blog promotion, I have listed down below points as a ready reference.

So, Find  Important  Factors to Consider in Affordable Web Hosting Package

  • Uptime

Server Uptime is the first factor you should investigate while going for any host. Anything above 99.5% to 100% is a good sign for selection. So, check out what amount of time that a server has stayed up and run.

Unfortunately, you can’t independently verify the uptime. If the host says they have 99.9% uptime, you have to take them at their word.

But don’t assume 99.9% or 100% uptime means, your site will never go down. It simply means, if your site goes down, you’ll be reimbursed for the cost of the hosting during the downtime.

Check out your hosting agreement includes guarantees for the software running time as well as hardware uptime. Don’t hesitate to ask questions before buying or upgrading.

When Website Hosting Server gets down frequently, you will lose Search Engine Ranking, Traffic & you can’t make big online money.

  • Storage

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Storage Space is the second factor you should investigate while going for any host. Disc Space is another well-known name for storage. Storage space is the total amount of space on a server. This is the space where you can store files, especially those used to create your website.

The web space generally expressed in, kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB). When your blog grows bigger, you required extra space storage to fulfill your growing needs. When choosing a hosting provider, you can look for unlimited storage plans.

Actually, Unlimited Hosting is a Marketing Trick to attract customers. But I will suggest going for this option.

  • Security

security, web hosting security, web hosting

Web Hosting Security is the third factor you should investigate while going for any host. You need safe hosting to keep your data away from frauds especially if you are an E-commerce site.

What you should ask your Web Hosting Provider in concern with Server Security

  • Have they a reliable firewall to block any threats to the server and sites hosted on it that may come from outside the network.
  • Will Specific software is installed on servers to prevent DDoS attacks.
  • Have they back up all data to a remote server on at least a daily basis.
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) provides an additional layer of protection.
  • If you run an E-commerce site, SSL certificate is a necessity. So, have they providing Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Check to see if the host has a published security protocol on server maintenance.

Find out as many details as you can before making a purchase. You are going to invest money in your blog. So, you have an opportunity to make money from the blog.

  • Support

web hosting support, web hosting

You should have to investigate what type of support your preferred hosting company is promising. Whether support staff is available 24x7x365 to assist you via Telephone, LiveChat, or Email with any hosting-related issues.

Personally, I prefer live chat over the phone or comprehensive documentation. You might prefer email or telephone support instead.

Also, investigate whether hosting company has their own support staff or they outsourced this activity.

  • Easy use of Control Panel

control panel, web hosting

This is another factor you should investigate while going for any host. Basically, the control panel is the stream through which you can control the functions related to your website. It must be user-friendly and come with all the necessary functions.

Many web hosts provide with one click installation for the applications as like, Content Management System, Image galleries etc. Ask this to your host, whether they have this feature.

In the beginning, you can start off by performing the basic SEO techniques and gradually get into social networking.

Using cPanel at own may be difficult for a new blogger, but actually, it is not. Without an adequate control panel, you will be left at the mercy of the hosting tech support staff.

  • Joining cost Vs Renewal Cost

Hosting Companies especially shared hosting, are normally selling very cheap at signup prices but charge much higher on renewals. Check out the difference in between joining cost Vs renewal cost.

Anything below $10 is acceptable when hosting company hosts your 10 domains in one account. For example, if any host, only hosts two sites at $10, then it costs $5 each, which I think far enough.

It will be more beneficial if a hosting company migrates your other sites from your current host at the same price. Site Migration is a big issue for a newbie blogger, so, it is an added advantage.

Renewal cost also is comparing in covered with Addon Domains, Parked Domains etc. Refund Policy is another factor you should consider while choosing your host.

Along with this, you can also investigate, Data Transfer Capacity, Server Upgrading Options, Any AdWord Credit, e-Commerce Features, Environmental Friendliness etc.

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In Conclusion,

Every blog or site has different hosting needs. When you are choosing a web hosting service, list out what your needs are. This blog post is not about to find best web host in the world, rather above factors will help you in choosing a reliable hosting package.

Personally, I recommend MilesWeb or Bluehost for WordPress shared hosting.

Let me know, your concern before selecting your next web hosting company.

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